Verdicts & Settlements

RecoveryInjuryCase Type
$3.2 MillionWrongful DeathElectrocution
$2.6 MillionHead, Neck and Back Injuries with Neck SurgeryConstruction Site Third Party and Work Comp Claims
$1.7 MillionWrongful DeathElectrocution
$1.5 MillionBotched Hip SurgeryMedical Malpractice
$1.4 MillionWrongful DeathAuto Accident
$1.4 MillionFractured AnkleDefective Ladder
$1.35 MillionNeck Injury with SurgeryAuto (Commercial Operator)
$1.2 MillionBotched Knee SurgeryMedical Malpractice
$1.1 MillionHerniated Cervical DiscConstruction Site Injury to Bulldozer Operator
$1.0 MillionWrongful DeathMedical Malpractice
$900,000Wrongful DeathMedical Malpractice
$775,000Wrongful DeathCollision at Railroad Crossing
$775,000Fractured Wrist and Back InjuriesAuto/Motorcycle
$750,000Spinal Cord InjuryAbove Ground Pool
$750,000Wrongful DeathMedical Malpractice
$575,000Foot Injuries with SurgeryPremises
$547,000Back Injury with SurgeryPremises Workplace (Collapsed Chair)
$500,000Hip FractureAuto Accident
$500,000Fractured HipAuto Accident
$500,000Herniated Lumbar DiscTrip and Fall at Auto Plant
$500,000Herniated Lumbar DiscFall from Defective Truck Trailer
$500,000Fractured AnkleDefective Ladder
$480,000Frostbite Injuries to Fingers of Mentally Impaired Group Home ResidentLegal Guardian and Mental Health Agency
$475,000Electric Shock InjuryPremises Liability
$475,000Neck InjuryConstruction Site
$450,000Wrongful DeathAuto Accident
$425,000Shoulder/Arm injuryPremises Liability in Auto Plant
$415,000Botched Back SurgeryMedical Malpractice
$325,000Bathing-Second Degree Foot BurnAttendant Care Practitioner Negligence
$322,000Proved Need for Attendant Care that Auto Carrier Refused to PayAuto
$320,000Back InjuriesPremises
$300,000Fractured LegAuto Underinsured Claim
$295,000Chest and Lung InjuryAuto Accident
$285,000Botched Gall Bladder SurgeryMedical Malpractice
$280,000Fractured ElbowDefective Auto Axle
$275,000Failure to Diagnose CancerMedical Malpractice
$250,000Knee InjuryRailroad Worker
$250,000I.V. Injury to ForearmMedical Malpractice
$240,000Ankle InjuryPremises-Defective Amusement Ride
$225,000Fractured AnkleConstruction Site Injury to Laborer
$205,000Back InjuryAuto Accident
$200,000Emotional InjuryPsychiatric Malpractice
$196,000Hip FractureAuto/Motorcycle and Premises
$170,000Neck InjuryAuto Accident
$169,000Neck and Back InjuriesAuto Accident
$165,000Shoulder/Neck InjuryPremises Liability
$160,000Loss of Life Insurance PayoutLegal Malpractice
$150,000Shoulder InjuryRailroad Worker
$140,000Shoulder InjuryAuto Accident
$130,000Hand/Wrist InjurySchool Bus Accident
$100,000Electric Shock InjuryPremises Liability
$100,000Hip InjuryAuto/Motorcycle
$92,500Leg InjuryPremises Liability
$75,000Shoulder ScarringDog Bite
$35,000Fractured ArmStagehand injured at Rock Concert by Defective Equipment

Client Reviews

Dear Lani, I want to thank you for everything that you did for me. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your kindness, your compassion, and your sincerity. You are one of the special people in life that touch lives and make a difference. I feel privileged with the opportunity of having you...

C. Scott

Thank you so much for what you have done for me. I'm glad someone like you was there to help me through it. You are a very special and gifted person, Lani.

Paul Dockery

Thank you for the experience and legal assistance during a profoundly stressful time for me. Your legal services were pragmatic, informative, and courteous. I will continue to tell everyone about you, your firm, and your excellent services. Thanks.

L. Sanders

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did for me in handling the Aetna Insurance Company. Both times I had trouble with them, you went to bat for me and did your usual outstanding job! You saved me twice! Both times I could not have ask for a better result and your prompt, efficient...

Clay Curtis
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