Lani - I wanted to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation for the great job you did in representing me on my Long Term Disability claim against The Hartford Insurance Company. Lani hit the road running from our very first conversation and never slowed down until the final outcome. Lani fully and completely explained everything during the process and delivered on everything she said would be done and then some. Lani is a true professional and I would highly recommend her for any issues you may have. Thanks for a job well done.

Gary Zuzga

I suffered an electrical shock injury while working on the job. I called Mr. Feldheim's office and Stuart was at my home to see me the next day. He has been a great Lawyer, he worked diligently to get me through a tough time in my life. Mr. Feldhiem worked hard to get me a settlement that was fair. I highly recommend Stuart Feldheim to anyone that needs a seasoned competent, hard working Lawyer. Thank you Stuart!

Eric Berry

Lani - Thanks for your support. It truly feels shocking and brings tears to my eyes at the thought that someone actually cares enough to give me useful advice. And follow up!!....Thanks so much Lani. I have talked to so many legal entities about this but only you mentioned Small Claims court. Bless your kind heart.......


Dear Lani, I want to thank you for everything that you did for me. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your kindness, your compassion, and your sincerity. You are one of the special people in life that touch lives and make a difference. I feel privileged with the opportunity of having you represent me with my case. Thank you very much!

C. Scott

We first called Stuart Feldheim with a situation we knew was going to affect our family for the rest of our lives. He provided an honest perspective that was straight forward, allowing us to make an educated decision. Stuart committed to fight hard for our case, and throughout our ordeal, he was supportive, patient and very attentive. He fought diligently and remained 100% committed, making us feel our case was always front and center on his agenda. During this very emotional time, he provided prompt call-backs, and spoke with us in terms we could understand. It became evident throughout our case that Stuart Feldheim has great credibility and is well respected in his field. We were highly satisfied with the legal services we received from Stuart and his staff. We put our lives in his hands, and it proved to be one of the best decisions we've ever made.

Dave and Lisa

Thank you so much for what you have done for me. I'm glad someone like you was there to help me through it. You are a very special and gifted person, Lani.

Paul Dockery

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did for me in handling the Aetna Insurance Company. Both times I had trouble with them, you went to bat for me and did your usual outstanding job! You saved me twice! Both times I could not have ask for a better result and your prompt, efficient service is unequaled! I would recommend you to any one needing an excellent attorney! Thank you again, Lani, for all of your help!

Clay Curtis
Another Grateful Client

I'd like to write this letter to express my deep admiration and appreciation for Ilana Wilenkin and the law offices of Feldheim & Wilenkin. Ilana helped my family in one of our strongest hours of need. My mother grew ill with cancer in early February and could no longer work. Allstate, her insurance company through work, refused to pay her disability claiming that this issue started before her policy went into effect. We appealed the decision including the information from the doctors stating my mother did not contract the disease beforehand. Again, Allstate refused to pay disability. Unfortunately, my mother passed during the fight with Allstate and I was left to take care of the household myself. Needless to say, the bills piled up and it was difficult since I had been paying a large share of the bills since she became ill. I am a full time business student and work full time, but things were still difficult financially without my mother. Luckily, Ilana fought and won our case and even though it does not bring my mother back, it does ease some of the financial burden that hurt the family during her fight with cancer. I cannot be anymore thankful to Ilana and anyone else involved. Thank you.

Desmond J.Roach

I was faced with a major dilemma a couple of years ago relative to my disability benefits. Another attorney referred me to Lani Wilenkin. My benefits had been stopped and I was frantic and emotionally distraught because I did not know how I would manage with the loss of income. When I met with Ms. Wilenkin I gave her a detailed explanation of everything that had occurred regarding the decision to stop my benefits. During our first meeting Ms. Wilenkin explained the steps she would be taking to try to resolve my issue if I retained her as my attorney. She provided detailed explanations to my questions, as well as providing me with the forms I would have to complete if I retained her services. Once I retained her services and as we worked on my case I began to feel more confident that something could be done to get my benefits reinstated. My fears eventually went away, even before I knew my benefits would be reinstated. They went away because I knew I was working with an attorney who was working hard to help me. Ms. Wilenkin was very professional, knowledgeable, thorough and worked very hard to resolve my case. She did win my case and my benefits were reinstated. I highly recommend Ms. Wilenkin to anyone who is facing litigation in her areas of expertise. She is extremely confident and she is the ultimate professional.

Pat of Southfield

My name is Chris Craigmiles I hired the law offices of Feldheim & Wilenkin, P.C. in the summer of 2010 in regards to claims against my insurance company on behalf of my long-term disability and death benefit. The attorney I was assign to Lani Wilenkin was very helpful in my claim, she was very kind and very knowledgeable about the disability laws. Attorney Wilenkin was able to reach a very good settlement on my behalf. I highly recommend the law offices of Feldheim & Wilenkin my family and I are very satisfied.

Chris Craigmiles

Thank you for the experience and legal assistance during a profoundly stressful time for me. Your legal services were pragmatic, informative, and courteous. I will continue to tell everyone about you, your firm, and your excellent services. Thanks.

L. Sanders

I cannot say enough about Feldheim & Wilkins, PC. I had an unbelievable tragic event happen which resulted in death. That alone is scary and unimaginable! Having to take the next step and file a lawsuit with that type of situation has tremendous stress written all over it! I was referred to Stuart and He was very honest from the beginning! He gave me no false hope and promised he would do his very best to get family what we deserved!!


During a lawsuit you go through ups and downs, Stuart was wonderful through both!! Lani was a great support as well keeping my chin up through it all!! I will never forget the night Stuart called to tell me the settlement. It was 10:00 pm and with all the emotions I forgot half of what he said. I called him back around 11:00 pm knowing it was late but need to speak with him. He was wonderful, did not mind explaining it all of it again. Wonderful team I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a GREAT Lawyer!


I found Mr Feldheim to be very personable and compassionate at a time when I was in physical and emotional distress due to a botched surgery. He handled my case with skill and integrity. I was awarded a settlement that was satisfying and just. I would give him a hearty recommendation to anyone who needed legal representation.


Very dedicated , Stuart treats you like family. we have used the law firm two times ,very reputable lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone! Anytime I had questions I would call Stuart and he would always call me back within 24 hours if he was not available . Stuart would always give me updates on what was going on with the lawsuit , never had to think what was going on, thank you Stuart for all you did for my son Tim and my belated husband George.

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