Verdicts & Settlements

RecoveryInjuryCase Type
$3.2 MillionWrongful DeathElectrocution
$1.7 MillionWrongful DeathElectrocution
$1.5 MillionBotched Hip SurgeryMedical Malpractice
$1.4 MillionWrongful DeathAuto Accident
$1.4 MillionFractured AnkleDefective Ladder
$1.2 MillionBotched Knee SurgeryMedical Malpractice
$1.1 MillionHerniated Cervical DiscConstruction Site Injury to Bulldozer Operator
$1.0 MillionWrongful DeathMedical Malpractice
$900,000Wrongful DeathMedical Malpractice
$775,000Wrongful DeathCollision at Railroad Crossing
$750,000Spinal Cord InjuryAbove Ground Pool
$750,000Wrongful DeathMedical Malpractice
$500,000Fractured HipAuto Accident
$500,000Herniated Lumbar DiscTrip and Fall at Auto Plant
$500,000Herniated Lumbar DiscFall from Defective Truck Trailer
$500,000Fractured AnkleDefective Ladder
$480,000Frostbite Injuries to Fingers of Mentally Impaired Group Home ResidentLegal Guardian and Mental Health Agency
$450,000Wrongful DeathAuto Accident
$415,000Botched Back SurgeryMedical Malpractice
$300,000Fractured LegAuto Underinsured Claim
$295,000Chest and Lung InjuryAuto Accident
$285,000Botched Gall Bladder SurgeryMedical Malpractice
$280,000Fractured ElbowDefective Auto Axle
$275,000Failure to Diagnose CancerMedical Malpractice
$250,000Knee InjuryRailroad Worker
$250,000I.V. Injury to ForearmMedical Malpractice
$225,000Fractured AnkleConstruction Site Injury to Laborer
$200,000Emotional InjuryPsychiatric Malpractice
$160,000Loss of Life Insurance PayoutLegal Malpractice
$150,000Shoulder InjuryRailroad Worker
$75,000Shoulder ScarringDog Bite
$35,000Fractured ArmStagehand injured at Rock Concert by Defective Equipment
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